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Unsolicited Submissions Policy



Wavien, Inc. does not accept or consider any unsolicited material, information, ideas, suggestions or other communications submitted by any source (“Unsolicited Submissions), including but not limited to Unsolicited Submissions relating to technical matters or sales and marketing matters .  Accordingly, no one should send Unsolicited Submissions to Wavien, whether in written, oral, electronic or any other form.

This policy is to prevent any potential misunderstandings if the contents of the Unsolicited Submissions are identical or similar to items that Wavien develops independently.  Anyone who elects to send Unsolicited Submissions to Wavien, notwithstanding the foregoing policy, shall be deemed to agree that: (1) Wavien shall have no obligation to treat the Unsolicited Materials as confidential; (2) Wavien shall have no contractual or other obligations, express or implied, to the sender or any third party with respect to the Unsolicited Submissions; (3) Wavien shall have the right to free and unrestricted use of the Unsolicited Submissions for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, without any financial or other obligation or liability whatsoever to the sender or any other party.