Making LEDs Brighter


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RLT™ (Recycled Light Technology) versus Existing Technology3 Collars



RLT™ is our Recycling Light Technology. This compact, low-cost, passive component technology increases 2-4 times the usable light output of conventional LEDs by collecting high angle-led generated light, that would be wasted in conventional illumination systems, and redirecting it into a more compact, useful, and brighter beam. The usable LED light output is significantly boosted by the RLT™ reflector with no additional LED input power required and no decrease in LED lifetime

Increase Your LED Brightness

Wavien’s RLT™ optical platform can be used with a wide variety of LEDs ranging from miniature sizes all the way to 100 + Watt chips. This brightness improvement works well for multicolored and solid color chips, where a narrow beam angle is required.


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