Making LEDs Brighter


Patented RLT™  (Recycled Light Technology) Reflector

A true original with a unique combination of an ultra narrow beam and incredible intensity – all in one!  The core technology that makes this flashlight a performance leader is the RLT recycling reflector.  Unlike any other flashlight, spotlight, floodlight and searchlight designs, this approach actually uses wasted light and “recycles” it – sending more light out the front.  Finally there is an ultra bright and ultra narrow beam flashlight – all in one.

Very Intense Light

When it comes to brightness this technology delivers like never before!  The RLT™ advantage  gathers and shapes an incredibly narrow beam for extreme range/beam throw.  The pattern of the beam is even unique – its SQUARE, RECTANGULAR, OR CIRCULAR!

Low Cost Of Ownership Design Possibilities 

Compared to conventional designs, this versatile technology includes a “high-logic” closed-loop Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery system.  Each time the rechargeable battery pack is re-charged, the system’s circuitry “conditions” the battery pack to assure top brightness performance and longer use time.  By matching the USB charger electronics to the battery pack, maximum service life is achieved making the batteries last longer- which is great for the environment!  Charge in your car or from your computer!