Making LEDs Brighter


 DPR vs. Existing technologyDPR

The DPR® Series of lamps use a patented Dual Parabolic Reflector platform to dramatically increase output and useful lamp life over existing older elliptical lamp systems. The unique 1:1 arc imaging of the DPR® Series preserves brightness with high efficiency and low Etendue ranges, making this illumination platform a perfect answer for the micro display projection industry. DPR® Series lamps are the right answer for the smallest of display panel sizes.

Extend Your Lamp Life

ProjectorWith power ranging from as low as 25 W to as high as 5 KW, the DPR® Series lamp platform extends lamp life by reducing the system sensitivity to arc gap variance and its natural increase in operation. This dramatic increase in lamp life in the DPR® Series light engines, results in superior performance when integrated with small micro-display chips including DLP, LCOS, and HTPS.